Leading architect designers

​László Kalmár
Zsolt Zsuffa

Architect designers

Péter Kronavetter (2015- )
Iván Patrik Kund (2011- )

Architect staff

​Csaba Bajusz (2018- )​
Ágnes Czirják (2003)
Katalin Fazekas (2008-10)
Csaba Helmle (2007)
Mihály Kanyó (2008-09)
Zsófia Lázár (2007-09)
Eszter Mihály (2018)
Gábor Nagy (2001-18)
Anikó Nyéki (2004)
Glória Papp (2006-07)
Szilvia Rehus (2004-10)
Balázs Rose (2009- )
Marianna Szőke (2003-05)
Péter Váradi (2001-02)
Dániel Vermes (2004-06)
Norbert Villányi (2003-05)


ZSK Architects (Zsuffa és Kalmár Építész Műterem) was founded by two architects, László Kalmár and Zsolt Zsuffa in 2000, since then it has employed 4-5 architects in its Budapest office.

The studio operates mostly in Hungary providing full services of architecture, masterplanning and interior design both for the public and the private sector. ZSK Architects took in more than twenty-five national and international competitions successfully and won numerous architectural awards and professional prizes.

The works of the ZSK Architects are based upon a philosophical approach, not a predetermined design style. The practice aims to create buildings as functionally adequate solutions within context. All projects are informed by a sensitive approach to place, the experiential potential of materials and construction and a concern for the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.

The architectural team works closely with clients and consultant engineers to ensure the best result and highest quality. Buildings from the studio were published in a number of national and foreign professional magazines and shown at several exhibitions


2020 BigSEE Architecture Award winner, Residential Architecture – Detached house, Törökbálint

2019 Equitone “The Nature of the Material” architectural competition special award – Detached house, Budapest III.

2019 Prima Award – Award of the Prima Primissima Foundation

2016 Budapest Architectural Award of Excellence – Honorable mention

2016 Creaton Award of Excellence – 2nd Prize

2013 Piranesi Award – Hungarian nomination

2014 The House of the Year Award – Special Award

2012 Facade of the Year 2012 – Apartment building category, 1st Prize

2011 RIAI Irish Architecture Award 2011

2010 The House of the Year Award – Special Award of the Association of Hungarian Architects

2010 WA Awards 20+10+X

2010 Miklós Ybl Prize

2008 Architectural Award of Excellence in Érd

2007 Pro Architectura Award

2007 The Accessible Building of the Year Award

2007 Masterpiece – Family House of the Year – 2nd Prize

2006 Mies van der Rohe Award – Hungarian nominee

2006 Architectural Award of Excellence in Pest County – 1st Prize

2005 Piranesi Award – Hungarian nominee

2005 Péter Molnár Prize

2005 Grand Prix for Facade

2005 Media Architectural Award

2004 Budapest Architectural Award of Excellence – Honorable mention